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Please apply for these as soon as possible. By law NO ADULT will be permitted on site at camp without the proper Volunteer Clearances.  The review and approval process may take some time. The government bureaus get very busy during the spring months. Please apply as soon as possible and submit all approvals to Camp Can Do at:

Camp Can Do Registration
P.O. Box 790088
Charlotte, NC 28206

1.   PA State Police (PSP) Criminal Record Check (Form SP 4-164) (Must be renewed each year)
Please note: You can also apply for this clearance on-line. Simply go to:  and click the “Submit a New Record Check (Volunteers Only)” Follow the instructions and then print the “Certification” page and send it to Camp Can Do.

2.  Child Abuse History Clearance (DPW) (Form CY-113)
Please note: This clearance can also be obtained online at the PA Child Welfare Portal at   This requires you to create an online account. Also, when indicating “Purpose of the Clearance”, be sure to indicate “Volunteer.” Send completed Clearance to to Camp Can Do.

4.  Camp Can Do Volunteer Reference Form  (Two personal references required.) (Must be renewed each year.)

5. Additionally, an FBI Background Check – Fingerprint is required for volunteers who have lived outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the last ten (10) years. An estimated $21.35 dollar fee is required. Please pay this when you apply. Request a receipt. Send receipt to Camp Can Do and the fee will be reimbursed to you by Camp Can Do.

To schedule your fingerprint please go to the following website ( You will be asked to enter the service code. Please enter the following 1KG6ZJ then click go. The best option is the top one where you will Schedule your appointment and register. You can also walk in to an Enrollment Center but this is not recommended. You are not required to pay until at the Enrollment Center. You will receive an email confirmation with appointment time, location, and which format of ID you chose to provide.

You may also choose to get your FBI background check completed by Fieldprint (  The turnaround time for this company is very fast, however there is a much higher cost incurred.  Camp Can Do will not reimburse you for the use of Fieldprint’s services.

If you choose to submit any receipts to the Camp Can Do office for reimbursement, please allow until September 30th to receive your reimbursement check.

Following the printing/submission of prints, the scanned fingerprints will be electronically transmitted to the FBI as required by federal statute. The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) will receive the Federal Criminal History Record from the FBI. The DPW will send results to the applicant following the verification and screening. This must then be submitted to Camp Can Do.