Words From Our Campers

From Blake:

“Camp made me feel I wasn’t unusual. I was surrounded by great people. True friendships are made once you step foot there. It’s my home away from home. I feel honored to be a part of Camp Can Do!”

From Tyreik:

“Camp is definitely a place to build lifelong friendships. I’ve made so many new friends who have become extended family. I even met my best friend there.”

From Jackie:

“Camp made me realize that I wasn’t alone. I go back because it changed me and will forever be a piece of me. Words cannot describe Camp Can Do … you just have to experience it!”

From Bridget:

“Camp Can Do was one of the best experiences I have ever had.. You make lifelong friendships with people you would have normally never even thought of befriending, all because of one HUGE thing in common … While that one thing isn’t an ideal common ground, it’s the root of our WONDERFUL camp family. Though I haven’t been to camp in six years, I know I still have the support I need from my old counselors and my CCD family. There is not a day that goes by that the words ‘Camp Can Do’ don’t cross my mind!”

From Kasey:

“Camp Can Do was something that I looked forward to every summer. For me, camp meant getting to be with other kids like me who were going through treatment but also see the survivors and all the hope that I had. Without an experience like Camp Can Do, I wouldn’t have the life long friends and memories and wouldn’t be who I am today.”

From Carrie:

“I went to camp with my best friend when we were almost 8. We were best friends and facing cancer together, and our doctor thought we’d really enjoy camp so we signed up.
We spent three amazing summers at camp together fishing, making friends, doing awesome arts and crafts, and just being regular kids. I spent two more summers after my friend graduated at camp and then graduated myself at age 12 from camp.

Camp was always a place I could be myself and have a blast without worrying about doctor appointments and chemo pills. Everyone else was in the same boat as me. I had the “big kids” to look up to. They did it! They beat cancer! I wanted to be just like them.

In 2006 I came back as an LT. I had been away from camp for seven years, and was scared I wouldn’t know anyone. When I walked in to orientation, I knew other counselors who were campers with me and quickly made new friends. I was hooked. I never wanted to leave camp.

This summer (2013) will be my 8th year back as a counselor, and I feel so honored to be part of something so amazing. This camp changes lives. It helps kids not only meet other kids going through what they are … chemo, bald heads, weight changes, weakness … but also provides the opportunity for them to just be regular kids. The staff goes to extra lengths to make that week the best week ever. Seeing the light in their eyes when the next surprise comes up, or they succeed at something new, you can’t match that with anything.”

From Amanda Giardinelli:

“Camp Can Do means a lot to me- more than I could have ever imagined. I started as a camper right after my 8th birthday. I was scared and homesick. However, each summer I found myself back at CCD. I was a camper for almost 10 years. I became less and less homesick each summer when I arrived at Gretna Glen because I knew that I was with family.”

“Camp is … home.” – Beth

“I love it and it’s family!” -Brianna

“It’s addictive! One week and you’re hooked for life.”  -Vicki

“Camp Can Do is the place where u 4give and 4get about the bad things u went through 2 survive a long journey of battling 4 ur life with cancer.” -Ah’lee